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Danielle N.


I am an editor, proofreader, writer, and translator working mainly in the academic, publishing, and cultural sectors. With my background in art history, cultural studies, and museum education, I am particularly apt and excited to work with texts relating to the arts, culture, or humanities.


My work focuses on communication—the content, grammar, style, voice, accuracy, consistency, clarity, and impact of writing. I help freelancers, entrepreneurs, institutions, publishers, and academics produce clear and effective writing. My dream is to write regular blog posts for an entrepreneur or organization in the cultural sector, to edit more academic books and proposals, and to work closely with freelancers on editing, proofreading, writing, or translating academic proposals, social media and marketing content, and more! 


I enjoy working with entrepreneurs, museums, cultural organizations, universities, academics, freelancers, and small businesses of all stripes. One of the joys of working as a freelancer in this field is working with content in a wide variety of subject areas—there’s always something new to learn from a diverse set of clients!  

I entered into the cultural field specializing in art museum education. Museums as institutions of informal learning fascinate me, especially how knowledge is communicated between the institution and the visitor or how learning takes place in the museum. 

In that vein, specializing in communications seems like a natural development within my career in the academic and cultural sectors. I have always been intrigued by how museums communicate about the artworks they hold and now I focus more on the means of communication not only for museums, but also for entrepreneurs and other organizations in academia and culture. 

As an editor specialized in the arts, culture, and humanities, I have edited and proofread more than 40 academic books for the Amsterdam University Press, I have published the research resulting from my Master’s thesis in four separate academic publications (see: here, here, here, and here), as well as edited, proofread, written, and translated content for a handful of other clients (e.g.  Context Travel, Rubio Dutch, Art&Facts, and Thinking Museum). 

I’m a flexible, curious, and independent worker—I love editing on a variety of topics, I'm usually excited to work on a last-minute project, and I'd often rather work solo with my cat at my feet than in a busy office environment. That said, I also love to collaborate with freelancers and organizations; I prefer to help others communicate their messages and work on their branding than to work on my own. I’m also always in want/need of a nice foamy cappuccino with interesting company. 

On my days off (or sometimes in the middle of a work day…), you can find me reading, drinking coffee, trying out a new recipe, or walking through the Flevopark.  Sign up for my newsletter to stay in touch or email me  to grab that cappuccino.

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