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What’s your per-page or per-word rate?


Because each client, project, and text is unique, I do not charge a flat per-page or per-word rate; I do my best to work with my clients to agree on a budget that suits both of us. Some texts are more dense or involve more technical writing than others; some texts have to be edited in a more tedious format (e.g. PDF, slideshow, or spreadsheet). I want to make sure that I’m giving your text the tender loving care that it deserves, and a 500-word blog post likely won’t require the same kind of attention and time as a 500-word academic conference proposal, for example. Please contact me for more information. 


What if I’m on a budget?

I often receive projects and work with clients that work with a set budget. Although I’m willing to work within a (reasonable) budget, please keep in mind that financial and time constraints may affect the amount of time and energy I can dedicate to a project. That being said, I will always do my best to edit as thoroughly and consistently as possible. Please contact me for more information.

How does it work if I want a repeat service?

If you want me to write a blog post for you each month, for example, we can agree upon a flat rate so you (and I!) can calculate that into our budgets more smoothly. 


What types of files do you edit or proofread?


I am open to working with various file formats, including Word, PowerPoint, spreadsheets, PDFs, and printed-out manuscripts. My preference is for Word documents or, secondarily, printed-out manuscripts. Please keep in mind that formats such as PowerPoints, spreadsheets, or PDFs, may require extra time to edit or proofread as editing them is more tedious. 


How quick is the turnaround?

That really depends on the project and what my calendar looks like in the moment. I try to respond to emails within a few days and projects usually take at least a couple of days, but I’ve also completed shorter projects more quickly. Please let me know as soon as possible what your deadlines and expectations are for a project so we can find a solution that works for both of us. Projects with a short deadline may incur an additional rush fee.

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