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Amsterdam University Press is a leading publisher of academic books, journals, and textbooks in the Humanities and Social Sciences. We strive to stimulate societal debate, forming a global source of inspiration and knowledge. Since 2016, we have worked with Danielle Carter as one of our freelance editors. As a publisher, we work across a variety of subject areas, and Danielle has worked with us on titles in the Film and Media Studies, Asian Studies, and Humanities. Danielle has proven to be a highly accomplished editor and proofreader. We have no hesitation in recommending her. She is reliable, thorough, and competent ‒ reassuring quality.

Chantal, Head of Desk Editing and Production, Amsterdam University Press

Danielle is a natural writer with a flair for writing engaging and insightful copy. I had the pleasure of working with her when she provided written content for my blog Thinking Museum for just over a year. Danielle is a joy to work with—efficient, self-motivated and, above all, talented.

Claire, Founder of Thinking Museum

Danielle worked for me as an office assistant for two years. I really enjoyed working with her, for various reasons. First of all, she is a very nice person to be around and to talk to. She is extremely smart, punctual, talented, well-informed, curious, eager to learn, and always looking for ways to improve the quality of her work and the business processes. Apart from doing a great job on the general things her job required, she is full of ideas to improve CRM, our marketing strategy, our communication with both leads and clients, our website, our online presence and our newsletters. 


At the same time, she is very efficient and realistic when it comes to bringing her ideas to life. She is not afraid to try out new things, to educate herself on unfamiliar topics by looking for info online or by contacting people or companies to obtain the knowledge or skills she needs, and furthermore, she knows when to continue or when to let a new project go. 


She can ask for help if necessary, or work together when required, but she is also a very effective and proactive independent worker, that doesn't need constant hand-holding to make great progress. She knows what quality looks like, and if she ever makes a mistake, she is a fast learner. Her written communication style is very engaging and accessible, and she is meticulous with both her writing and her work in general. 


I was sad to hear she was moving on to create her own business as an editor and writer, but at the same time, I always knew the day would come that she would realize that, with her talents and mind, she would be crazy not to go and find out what else this amazing world has to offer!

Joska Kruijssen, Founder of Rubio Dutch Amsterdam

Danielle's work is intelligent and thoughtful—she's thorough and conscientious and keen to spot problems and address them. Her writing work was well-done and pitched appropriately. She did a good job of matching the "voice" to content that already existed on our website, even without me requesting that or sharing instructions on the Context voice.

Context Travel

Danielle was an incredible addition to our team, and critical as an outside consultant for the review of the Bjarke Ingels Group's 704-page monograph. Danielle worked so quickly to get the review that we needed, was very professional throughout the process, and gave insight into the text that we wouldn't have been able to see ourselves. I would absolutely recommend Danielle's services to anyone looking to bring their publication to life!

Bjarke Ingels Group

Danielle is a reliable partner that does what she says she will. She works quickly, neatly, and she thinks with you in a nice way.

Herma Starreveld, Artist, Teacher, and Illustrator at Studio Mastarre

Danielle's copyediting crash course workshop is not only a great introduction to copyediting for those looking to learn but also a brilliant refresher for regular editors who've "learned on the job" and need an engaging reminder of best practices and handy resources for better editing.

Daisy, writer and copyeditor, workshop participant

Danielle was absolutely professional and a pleasure to work with for our workshop. She had clearly prepared extremely well for our time together, and as a result it was a quick but efficient learning workshop. Throughout our entire communications, before, during, and after the workshop,  Danielle was responsive and helpful. I would be happy to work with her again, and will recommend her to other publishers!

Zoey, writer, workshop participant

Clear, responsive, and approachable training on the fundamentals of copyediting. Immediately able to put the training to good use. Highly recommend!

Maya, writer, workshop participant

Danielle's workshop was very well organized and engaging! I appreciated all the clear examples that she used to illustrate her tips. A great resource, and well worth an afternoon.

Lina, writer, workshop participant

Danielle's workshop was very well prepared. She covered a broad range of topics related to copyediting and listed extensive resources for each point discussed. The section on workflow was particularly helpful, as it provided a succinct and systematic approach to the process. Overall, I found the workshop very useful and recommend it!

Natasha, writer, workshop participant

Danielle's workshop was wonderful. We were a mixed group in terms of areas of focus and editing experience, but all with a desire to sharpen our own writing and editing skills, and Danielle managed to meet all our needs with an excellent overview of the copyediting process. She's organized, communicative, incredibly knowledgeable of her field, with a talent for teaching and a clear passion for what she does (her enthusiasm for spelling and grammar is contagious). I especially appreciated the section on inclusive language and the great list of resources she included.

Meg, writer, workshop participant

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